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Our Patron St Matthew

Who was St Matthew?

Our parish and school community is named after St Matthew but in fact, there were two St Matthews. The first was Matthew the Gospel tax-collector and the second was Matthew the Gospel writer.

Matthew the Tax Collector

Tax-collectors were not liked in Jesus' time because they took a commission when they collected taxes for the occupying forces. Matthew responded to Jesus' invitation to become one of the 12 apostles who would accompany him closely in his ministry and so learn from him.

Matthew, the Gospel Writer

After the death of Jesus and the coming of the Spirit those who knew Jesus, treasured the stories he told and their memory of all Jesus did and taught. Especially on Sunday, the day of the Lord's Resurrection, they gathered to break the bread of the Eucharist and encourage one another to live the way Jesus taught them. Over time, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and using their human gifts, the evangelists put down in words these stories and memories of Jesus for their communities. These documents of faith are what we call 'the Gospels' today. In this way the Gospel og St Matthew was written. Since Matthew the Gospel writer was a third generation Christian writing about 85AD he was not the tax collector but may have belonged to a community that originally had some contact with Matthew, the tax collector and apostle.

What can we learn?

Like the first Christian community, we too in the 21st Century here at St Matthew's face the same challenges to know who Jesus is for us and to understand how we are to live by the example of his teaching. We are called to be committed to the good of others especially to those marginalised in our society because of culture, race, disability or socio-economic circumstances. If we do this we are responding to the words of Jesus, spoken to his critics immediately after he called Matthew, the tax collector: "Go and learn what this means". "I desire mercy, not sacrifice". "For I have come to call not the righteous but sinners." (Matt 28:20)

That is why at St Matthew's we aim to respond to the needs of our children and their families and work in partnership with our parents to ensure the ongoing educative and spiritual formation of our children.

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