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Catholic schools teach the same curriculum as government schools. However, there is a strong religious dimension across the curriculum which is most obvious in the subject of Religious Education. Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. With a strong focus on the individual, a broad curriculum caters for a wide range of interests and abilities.

This page provides information detailing what is being taught this term at St Matthew's Primary.

  • What students are learning
    • Early Stage 1 Overview

      Early Stage 1, Term 4 Overview

      Dear Parents,

      Welcome to Term 4, our final term of Kindergarten for 2017.  We are looking forward to another great term of learning experiences.  Below is an overview of all the Key Learning Areas in Early Stage 1 for this term.

      Religious Education

      Two units will be studied this term.

      1KE - Living As Jesus Showed Us - Students will come to understand and appreciate our Christian mission to love other people and try to act as Jesus shows us through the Gospels. Through Baptism, Christians are called and sent on this mission of love in the name of Jesus. We will be engaging with another PBL and using the Scripture of ‘Jesus Blesses the Children’ (Mk 10:13-16) to inspire our learning. Students will plan, design and implement their own Mission Project to reach out to a local Mission Australia child care centre - Little Eagles Child Care Centre (Richmond RAAF Base).

      1KC8 - Advent and Christmas - Students will also experience and reflect on the liturgical seasons of Advent and Christmas. During Advent, the Church prepares to remember and celebrate the birth of Jesus. It is a time in the life of the Church community characterised by waiting in hope and expectation. Students will explore the concept of waiting in their lives and will be encouraged to relate their experiences of giving, receiving and celebrating to the celebration of Jesus' birth at Christmas.

      Kindergarten will be attending Parish Mass on Wednesday 15th November at 9am (Week 6)


      The English curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. Together the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing andcreating. All three strands will be covered each term. Students will listen to, read, view and write a variety of text types including: factual recounts, narratives and information reports.


      All strands of Mathematics will be covered this term. Students will continue learning to: count forwards and backwards from a given number; group, share and count collections of objects; make and record fractions; investigate measurement, including area, volume and capacity and mass; represent and interpret data displays.

      Students will continue to “number bust” using the bead strings and other manipulatives and will continue to learn, refine, share and explain their problem solving strategies in all mathematical strands.


      In the unit titled ‘Celebrating Our History’ students will share their experiences of family, school, local and national events that are celebrated and observe how we commemorate these events. Students will be given the opportunity to explore and compare past and present events that are commemorated in Australia and the world.

      Science & Technology

      In the unit titled “What’s it Made of?” students will use their senses to observe a range of materials and will discover how familiar objects, products and spaces are designed to suit their purpose. Students will answer the PBL question ‘How can we as young artists design and make an outdoor sculpture that will withstand inclement weather?’. Students will design and make a sculpture for the Kindergarten garden using appropriate materials based on their observable properties.

      Creative Arts

      Visual arts - The unit titled ‘Portraits’ will introduce students to a variety of portrait styles and artists. It will involve students creating a variety of self-portraits and portraits. The unit will also look at the artworks of famous portrait artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Pablo Picasso and students will engage with traditional, abstract and contemporary art styles.

      Drama and Music - Drama and Music will be taught by Miss Sullivan this term on Thursdays.


      This term in Health we are looking at what keeps us safe. The aim is to provide students with the skills required to identify potentially dangerous situations and to take positive action to avoid or minimise risks. Students will learn to accept some responsibility for the protection of themselves and other people and for the promotion of a safer environment.

      Sports Days

      Students will be required to wear their full sports uniform on Monday and Thursday each week.

      Mrs Brand will lead sport sessions each Thursday.

      Library Day

      Students will continue to be given the opportunity to borrow from the school library every Monday.

      Students will need to bring their library bag in order to borrow.


      Assembly for Infants will be held in the Parish Hall at 2:45pm every second Monday (odd weeks, beginning Week 3). Kindy will be presenting at Assembly in Week 5 (6th November) of this term.


      Students will be required to continue to read their home reader every night.

      Reading Eggs and Mathletics are also available for children to complete at their own pace.

      Our warmest regards to you all,

      Annette Larnach and Sarah Chircop 


    • Year 1 Overview

      Year 1 Term 4 Overview 2017


      Key Learning Areas


      Mission- Students demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of important scriptural stories and their personal and communal significance.

      Advent- Students participate in a range of learning activities designed to enable them to explore and deepen their knowledge of key people and events described in the Infancy narratives. Students' appreciation of Christmas as a time when their families and parish community thanks God for the gift of his Son is developed through their participation in family and class preparations for and celebrations of Christmas.


      Writing – Students will be involved in creating a range of informative, imaginative and persuasive texts. Modeled writing and independent writing will happen daily. Students will continue evaluating their own work and setting personal writing goals, something that began in Term 1. Students will also be encouraged to think more about the purpose of their writing (to inform, to persuade or to entertain) and sharing their work with others during reflection.

      Reading – Daily practice of: independent reading, books read aloud to students by a teacher, shared reading of a text visible to all students, guided reading sessions with teacher and targeted reading activities to meet student needs.

      Speaking and Listening - Students will talk and listen to each other in formal and informal conversations and participate in structured speaking and listening activities.

      Library - Library borrowing will be every Thursday.



      Students will be engaged in open ended, rich tasks that will develop and extend each student’s mathematical knowledge. Activities will cover Number, Measurement, Space and Geometry and Data. Students will be encouraged to explain and prove their thinking and to provide a range of valid answers.

      HSIE: Special Places

      Students describe the features of places and the connections people have with significant places around the world. This will be our PBL unit this term.

      Science & Technology:

      Push and Pull Students will be describing push and pulls they encounter in everyday life. They will be participating in guided investigations which provide opportunities to investigate push and pulls in air, water and on land.


      Health: Safe Living - Students will learn about ways they can keep themselves safe in water.

      PE – Students will be involved in modified sports and games taught by Mrs Brand on a Friday. Students need to wear their sport uniform on Wednesdays and Fridays.

      Creative Arts

      Visual Arts Students will be creating a range of art works which represent significant places in Australia and the world in a unit integrated with History and Geography. Students will also create some Christmas inspired artworks in the second half of the term.

      Drama and Music will be taught by Miss Sullivan on Fridays.


      Japanese - will be taught every Tuesday by Mrs Brand



      Home Readers: Home readers will be changed every Monday.

      Students need to bring in their reading pouch and place it in the wet area for their readers to be changed. Parents need to sign the reading log to indicate the books have been read.

      Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the office staff.

      Kind Regards,

      Miss Noreen Keane and Miss Jessica Grima

      Year One Teachers

    • Year 2 Overview

      Year 2 School Term 4 Overview 2017


      Welcome back to Term 4, 2017! An exciting term is planned ahead and we are looking forward to another great term of learning experiences with your children.  

      Below is an overview of all the Key Learning Areas in Year Two for Term 4.

      If you have any queries please make an appointment with the office to speak with one of the Year Two Teachers.

      Key Learning Areas

      Religious Education:

      Mission: Loving god And Others Like Jesus.

      In this unit students identify ways they contribute to their mission by loving God and the people in their class, family and their community.

      Advent and Christmas-

      Students relate their experiences of waiting for Christmas and of the celebration of Christmas with biblical accounts of how Mary and Joseph, the shepherds and wise men waited and prepared for and responded to the birth of Jesus. Students also identify Christmas as a time of happiness when we celebrate the birth of Jesus and receive and spread God's love, peace and joy.


      The English curriculum is built around the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. Together the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. All three strands will be covered each Term. Spelling, grammar and punctuation and a focus on comprehension are some of the areas we will be focusing on this term.

      The text types covered this term will be Procedure and Poetry texts.

      Mathematics: All strands of Mathematics will be covered this term. The children will be completing activities in the areas of Whole Number, Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication and Division, Position, Volume and Capacity, Time, 2D Space, Fractions and Decimals, Mass. Each strand engages students in working mathematically and problem solving.

      Science and Technology: Spot The Difference

      In this unit, the students investigate the changes to different types of foods and draw conclusions about how fast or slow changes can happen and the consequences of change.

      HSIE: Geography: Wet and Dry Environments.

      In Geography students will investigate the features of wet and dry environments and the impact of people on these environments. The students will create a diorama, model or information book about a wet/dry environment and its ecosystem.

      PDHPE: There’s Only One me:

      The students will learn the characteristics that make them both similar to others and unique and learn how to develop positive relationships with peers and other people.

      Creative Arts: Students will learn how to appreciate the skills and techniques of visual art integrating with our Science and Geography unit and working on Advent and Christmas Art and Craft.

      Homework/Reading At Home

      ·      Homework in Year Two will be home readers and reading each night. A reading log will be sent home in a plastic sleeve. This sleeve will contain your child’s leveled readers and the reading log. It is recommended that students read for 20 minutes every night and record this on their log. Reading should be based around material of their choice – it’s a joy to read!

      ·      Please Note: Home Readers will be set at a lower level than that which students are reading at school with their teachers. Home Readers should not be overly challenging and are meant to help students practice and improve their fluency and phrasing.

      ·      They will be changing their readers every Friday morning.

      ·      Maths Homework is Mathletics based on the Maths topic each week.


      Homework will begin in Week Two this term and there will be no homework on the last week of term.

      Specialist Teachers

      ·      Japanese – Mrs Karen Brand- Tuesday

      ·      Sport – Mrs Karen Brand - Thursday

      ·      Drama/Music – Mrs Maggie Sullivan - Thursday


      Students will have access to the School Library every Thursday with their class teacher and Mrs Alyssa Bennett. Your child will be required to bring in a library bag to carry their books in.


      Students will be required to wear full sports uniform each Wednesday and Thursday.

      Thank you, Fiona Baldock  and  Jessica Chatterton -  Year 2 teachers.


    • Year 3 Overview

      Year 3 - Term 4 Overview 2017

      Dear Parents                                                                                                                                                                

      Welcome back for another exciting school term! We are looking forward to a great term of learning experiences.

      Below is an overview of all the Key Learning Areas covered this term in Year 3, Term 4.

             Please purchase stationary if needed! (lead pencils, glue, eraser)                                                                                                                                                      

      Key Learning Areas


      Mission: In this unit students explore the nature and challenges of Christian mission through their study of Jesus' instructions to the apostles in the mission of the twelve (Lk 9: 1-2,6). There is an emphasis on students applying this understanding of mission to the global reality. Within this unit, Year 3 will be taking part in a fundraising event that we will be holding for the school. Our goal is to raise enough money for students less fortunate than us through Catholic Mission.

      Advent/ Christmas Unit: In this unit students will discover that during Old Testament times, the prophets reminded the chosen people of their covenant with God. The students will learn of the prophets' promise of a special person whom God would send and discover that this person is Jesus, the promise fulfilled.


      In English, students will communicate and use language to shape and make meaning through speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing & representing. Students will compose an Information text in relation to their PBL, looking at the topic, audience, text structure and language features. They will continue to learn about specific aspects of spelling, grammar and punctuation that will further enhance their writing abilities. Students will be looking at imaginative text with a visual focus on Finders Keepers by Emily Rodda


      Throughout Term 4, students will be covering strands of Whole Number, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division, Fractions & Decimals, Time, Money, Volume & Capacity, Angles, Measurement and Position. During Mathematics sessions students engage with rich, open-ended mathematics tasks. Open-ended questions have more than one acceptable answer and/or can be approached by more than one way of thinking. Reflection time is critical during Mathematics sessions and allows for students to clarify and extend their thinking.

      HSIE/History & Geography:

      Driving Question: What factors have influenced our society from the early settlers to now in our local community? This is a PBL unit that students will explore in relation to their HSIE: History & Geography subjects. Students will research the factors that have changed our society over time to the society we have now. They will explain how these changes in community and family life affects different individuals, groups and environments. Students will gain the skills to use tools such as mapping, fieldwork and visual representations and picture graphs. This PBL unit will also be integrated with Science and Creative Arts.


      Driving Question: What factors have influenced our society from the early settlers to now in our local community? This is our PBL unit. Students will investigate how products are designed and produced, and the ways people use them and explore how people interact within built environments and the factors considered in their design and construction. They will design a dwelling that will withstand a variety of environments and hazards.


      In this unit, the students will investigate the systems of the body. They will brainstorm different body parts and place them in their correct position on the body. They will classify these body parts as either internal or external body parts. Students will then examine the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, and digestive systems. In groups, they will discuss the function of a particular system and the body parts which are included within the system. They will be involved in activities and research tasks, which help them learn about how their system works. The groups will then present their findings to the class. Students will also discuss ways in which we can keep our body healthy so that the different systems of the body work properly. Mrs Brand will continue to build on fundamental movement skills and game sense in PDHPE on Fridays during sport.


      This term, students will explore and use their PBL unit to inspire the creation of a variety of visual artworks. Students will appreciate and create artworks using media/forms such as drawing, painting, sculpting, 3D designs and fibre. Their PBL will remain the primary focus of their work this term. Students will continue to build their skills and confidence during their Music and Drama sessions on Fridays with Miss Sullivan.


      Reading should be done every night for at least 10minutes.

      Students are encouraged to continue with Mathletics choosing the strand we are studying for the week.


      Sports Days

      Wednesday and Friday(full sports uniform to be worn)

      Library Day


      LOTE - Japanese

      Tuesdaywith Mrs Brand


      Every second Friday- even weeks

      Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to speak with us.

      Our warmest regards to you all,

      Mrs Ann Climpson & Mrs Ann Burke with Mrs Brand (Wednesdays) and Mrs Thornton (English-Sessions Monday-Wednesday)

      Year 3 Teachers

    • Year 4 Overview

      Year Four Term 4 Overview 2017

      Term: 4

      Teachers: Mrs Nicole Peare, Mrs Sarah Thompson (Mon, Tues) Miss Jessica Prior (Wed-Fri)

      Religious Education

      This term we cover areas of Mission- serving others, and Advent. For our Mission unit, our social justice goal is to raise money for Cows for Cambodia. The students are being asked to complete jobs at home to earn money so that they can bring it in and donate to Cows for Cambodia.


      Year Four will participate daily in 100 minutes of learning in Literacy, incorporating the three interrelated strands of Language, Literature and Literacy. Together the three strands focus on developing students’ knowledge, understanding and skills in listening, reading, viewing, speaking, writing and creating. All three strands will be covered each term. As often as possible our literacy learning will integrate with our PBL projects. When writing, we will focus on informative texts and texts to entertain.


      In Mathematics, we will cover multiplication and division, volume, patterns and algebra, chance, data, angles, 3-dimensional space, and mass. Students are involved in at least 60 minutes of Mathematics learning each day.

      At St Matthew’s we use a project based approach to learning. In PBL students are given a real world problem to solve, requiring deeper learning, creative and critical thinking and collaborative learning skills.

      PBL unit

      In PBL this term we will be researching Landforms and how they were created. We will then look at how these landforms influenced the history of the Hawkesbury.

      Creative Arts

      This term we are participating in dance movements and creating our own dance.


      This term students will participate in a variety of fun and fast moving games. In PDH we focus on growth and development.

      Sports Days

      Wednesday, and for PE with Mrs Brand on Friday

      Library Day

      Students borrow EVERY Thursday.


      On Friday with Miss Sullivan.

      Dates for your Diary

      16th October - Assembly hosted by Year 4

      24th October - Colour Fun Day

      27th November - Assembly hosted by Year 4


      Assembly every two weeks (Even weeks) from 2:45pm in the school hall.


      Please continue to read to and with your child daily and to complete the assigned Mathletics tasks.


      Thank you for your continued support,

      Nicole Peare, Sarah Thompson and Jessica Prior – Year Four Teachers
    • Stage 3 Overview

       Welcome to Stage 3 2017

      Welcome to Term 4 - Stage 3 2017!


      Term: 4

      Teachers: Miss Sant (Stage 3W), Mrs Williams (Stage 3G) and Miss Viviani (Stage 3B)

      Religious Education

      Unit One: Living and Sharing the Mission of Jesus

      In this unit students will be analysing the meaning of mission and recognising their commitment to the mission of Jesus and how they can continue to live out this mission.

      Unit Two: Eucharist Nourishes Us for the Journey

      In this unit students will deepen their knowledge of the Eucharist and explain how Jesus and the Eucharist nourishes and sustains Christians who reach out in service to others.

      Unit Three: Advent- Branching out: The Jesse Tree

      In this unit students will develop an understanding of Advent as a time of joyful waiting and anticipation for Christmas, just as God’s people waited for the coming of the Messiah.


      This term we will focus on Imaginative and Informative Texts. Year Five students will work on planning and writing speeches for Leadership 2018 and the Year Six students are focusing on formal letter writing. Our focus will be to develop an understanding of the text structure and language features used to best inform an audience. Our Imaginative writing will have a focus on Myths and Legends. We will learn to read and view a variety of imaginary and informative texts and reflect upon their purpose and features. We will also share and reflect on our learning through discussion.


      Each day our warm ups will have a whole number focus ensuring this vital strand receives constant teaching and revision. Each week we will have a different focus topic and this will be reflected in the Mathletics homework tasks set. We will continue to use an open ended, problem solving approach to Mathematics, requiring students to use a variety of mathematical techniques and solutions. Our aim is to develop a growth mindset and confidence to give everything a go!

      In Stage Three we use a project based approach to learning. Here students are given a real-world problem to solve, requiring not only deeper learning, but creative thinking and collaborative learning skills.


      Geography - PBL Approach

      Unit One:
      The students will explore a range of indigenous cultures across the world. They will learn about the diversity of these cultural groups and explore a creative way to teach others about these groups and their way of life.


      Students will learn about how electrical circuits provide a means of transferring and transforming electricity. They will construct simple circuits that incorporate devices such as switches and light globes and observe and describe how these devices change electricity to heat energy, light, sound or movement. Students will research and present ideas about the different ways electricity can be generated such as hydroelectricity, solar, burning coal or wind and wave generated electricity. They will also investigate how light from a source forms shadows and can be absorbed, reflected and refracted. Students will gather information about inventions that depend on the reflection and refraction of light and explain how these are used to solve problems that directly affect people's lives, e.g. mirrors and magnifiers.


      Personal Development and Health
      For Personal Development and Health this term, Stage 3 are looking at how their body grows and changes. They will explore how these changes affect the way they think and feel and how their values affect the choices that they make.

      Physical Education
      For Physical Education this term the students will be participating in fun outdoor games with the emphasis being on teamwork and cooperation.


      Students will be focusing on Visual Arts this term as they partake in a unit on Optical Illusions. They will learn about influential artists including Victor Vasarely, Bridget Riley and Yaacov Agam and their contributions to the Op Art movement. Students will produce their own optical artworks using a range of art elements including line, colour, shape, texture and space to create the illusion of a moving image.

      Sports Days

      Sport uniform is to be worn Tuesday and Thursday unless requested otherwise.

      Library Day

      Library days this term will be Thursdays. Mrs Bennett will be taking Stage 3 to our school library for this session each week. Please ensure your child has some type of library bag for borrowing books.


      Drama / Music

      On Thursdays, the students will participate in Sport and Drama/Music with Mrs Brand and Miss Sullivan.

      S3 Dates for your Diary

      Key Dates;

      24th October - Colour Fun Run

      27th October - World Teachers Day

      4th November - School Parish Mass - 6pm

      8th November - League Tag @ Parramatta

      13th November - Stage 3 assembly

      12th December - Year 6 Farewell

      13th December - Swimming carnival - year 5

      13th December - Year 6 fun day.


      Whole School Assemblies will take place in the Hall on Monday afternoons and this term the students will be presenting what’s happening in Stage 3 in

      Week 6 - 13th November
      Parents welcome.


      Homework consists of;

      20mins of reading 4 times a week

      3 - 4 Mathletics tasks that were taught that week in Mathematics

      Students to record their reading and when they complete their Mathletics task in their Homework Diary.

      The student diary must be signed by a parent/guardian and be handed in each Friday to their Homeroom Teacher.

      Stage 3 Apps

      Could all Stage 3 students please ensure they have the following apps;

      Google Docs

      Google Slides

      Google Mail

      Google Classroom

      Google Sheets

      Mathletics App



      Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact via phone, email or arrange a meeting in person.


      Our addresses are:






      Our warmest regards to you all,


      Stephanie Viviani, Sharon Williams and Rosemary Sant
      Stage 3 teachers


Class Overviews

  • Catholic schools teach the same curriculum as government schools. However, there is a strong religious dimension across the curriculum which is most obvious in the subject of Religious Education. Expectations of achievement and conduct are high. With a strong focus on the individual, a broad curriculum caters for a wide range of interests and abilities.

    This page provides information detailing what is being taught this term at St Matthew's Primary.

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